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2009 Nike+ Sportband Available Late July 2009!

Tweet Here is the official word from Nike.  They say “late July”, however I just spoke with Niketown in NYC and they said July 1st (tomorrow).  We shall see! The 2009 SportBand is coming soon. We have made some updates … Continue reading

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Heart Rate Monitoring

Tweet Been reading alot about heart rate monitoring. Seems like serious runners vary the level of their workouts (recovery, difficult, etc…). I basically go out and run as hard as I can every run. I am starting to think this … Continue reading


Side Stitches

Tweet Now that I am getting a little faster, I guess my body is working harder.  Now I have been getting side stitches on my right side just under my rib cage about 4 miles into my runs. It’s pretty painful … Continue reading

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Chi Running Workshop

Tweet So I went to a free Chi Running workshop in Southhamton, NY this morning.  The instructor, Joel Matalon of, was AWESOME. We only went over the basics, but it was very informative.  I feel like I gained alot … Continue reading

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Chi Running Rocks!

Tweet I have been crushing my runs this week and feeling great!  Ran just under 7 miles this morning at a 7:01 pace!  Another PR!,runs,616961134,runID,1142350430 I have been averaging around a 7:00 pace this entire week.  I am starting … Continue reading

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