Running Dummy

Running Dummy

 Hello there!  

My name is Jon Soldo and I am the Running Dummy! 

This blog was started back in late 2008 once I got more serious about my running.  As a beginner, the amount of information available is intimidating.  Between all the verbal advice, magazines, books, blogs, etc… I couldn’t make heads or tails of it all! 

Running (like many other things in life) is truely trial and error.  I’ve experimented with alot of different shoes, techniques, training programs, diets, and so on.  Some things have worked, some didn’t.  But the journey certainly is fun and no where near finished. 

This blog was started to (hopefully) reduce the learning curve for beginners and end of the pack runners.  I am by no means a professional, but I do my share of running.  The goal is that everyone has the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and also to learn just as much from my readers as I share!

Currently I am working on the long term goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon (3:10 to qualify).  My plan is take you all with me on my adventure!

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