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Juicing Dummy!?

Tweet “Why the hell would someone want to consume only juice for 10 days?”  I used to ask myself the same question whenever I heard that someone was “juicing”. Then Mrs. Dummy and I were browsing through Netflix and stumbled upon … Continue reading

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Vegetarian / Vegan Diet and B12 Deficiency

Tweet Tell someone you’re a vegetarian (or vegan) and the first thing they will say is, “That’s nice, but where do you get your protein from?”  Yeah… that’s the main question among carnivores. Forks Over Knives and this article explain the simple … Continue reading


Forks Over Knives

Tweet So this isn’t going to be a “running” specific post (sorry), but I feel it’s important enough to share.  Even if only one person adopts some of the ideas here, then it’s totally worth it to me. The movie Forks … Continue reading

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Still using GU? Time to try e-Gel!

Tweet On-the-run fueling has always been an issue for me.  As a “plain eater”, my stomach is not used to sugary, processed foods.  I’ve forced GU’s down in the past, but always wound up paying for it later in the race … Continue reading


The Secret to Keeping Drinks Cold on Long Runs

Tweet Keeping drinks cold on long (2-3+ hour) runs has always been an issue for me.  Running performance dramatically decreases as temperatures rise, so staying cool and hydrated is extremely important. I’m sorry this tip is coming after the summer months as … Continue reading