Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

I totally missed the boat on this one.  Maybe I was too busy running, but “Friday Night Lights” was the best show on TV that I had never seen!

The show first aired on NBC in 2006 and ran for five seasons.  It got huge ratings and was critically acclaimed.

Honestly, I wrote the show off years ago based on the few commercials I saw.  I’m not sure why, but it just didn’t look that interesting to me.  Plus I’m not a big fan of TV series that are based off movies.

However, between all the recent press surrounding the series finale and the recommendation from a friend, I decided to give it a chance.  “OK, I’ll watch one episode and see if I like it”, I said.  Two days later I had finished watching three seasons, and was pumped for Season Four!

While the show does revolve around the central theme of football, I can honestly say it’s probably 10% sports and 90% life.

That’s great, but what does a football show have to do with a running blog?  First, it’s a beautifully shot, well written, and entertaining series.  I’d love to recommend it based solely on that.  Second, a lot of the lessons taught on the show apply to running… and life.  Certain episodes would be a great viewing the night before a big race.  :-)

All five seasons are currently available on DVD.  Unfortunely, they don’t have a “complete series” box set (yet), so you’d have to buy/rent each season individually.  If you have a streaming video service (NetFlix, Blockbuster, etc…) that would probably be the best route to go. Either way, I highly recommend catching up on this awesome (possibly overlooked) series.

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10 Responses to Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!

  1. Nice review. And funny – I just started watching it, too, for the same reasons as you. :) I’m only 3 episodes into the first season, though, but am already really enjoying it. The last episode I watched was the one where the team runs through the water at night and chants the title of your blog post. Great show, and well said about its being 90% about life – and the running parallels.

  2. That would be a big YES! I think it’s easily one of the best shows on TV. That’s the consensus among a lot of my friends, too. It can be pretty dark and really violent, though, so if that’s not your thing, be warned (my wife won’t watch it). But it’s incredibly well done, well acted, and even has the occasional touch of humor. It’s racked up 6 well-deserved Emmys. I can’t get enough of it.

    • jsoldo says:

      Welp, Friday Night Lights is over and it will be missed. I just put some Breaking Bad in my queue and I’ll try it out! I dont mind dark things (LOVED Six Feet Under), but I’m having a hard time seeing the dad from Malcolm in the Middle as a violent guy… we shall see! :-)

      • Great! And nice – Six Feet Under was one of my favorite all-time shows, too – love that Alan Ball! True Blood is also his show… another great one. Let me know what you think of Breaking Bad.

        • jsoldo says:

          True Blood is a little too out there for me, but my wife loves it. I’ll keep you posted on Breaking Bad!

          • jsoldo says:

            Watched the first 3 episodes of Breaking Bad last night. I gotta say… its pretty awesome. Dark, yes, but pretty awesome. There goes my weekend! :-)

  3. Sweet! Glad you like. Enjoy. :) I’m nearly done with season 3 and have the first 4 eps of current season (4) waiting on my TiVo. Cool that your wife likes True Blood.

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