Still using GU? Time to try e-Gel!

e-Gel comes in four tasty flavors

On-the-run fueling has always been an issue for me.  As a “plain eater”, my stomach is not used to sugary, processed foods.  I’ve forced GU’s down in the past, but always wound up paying for it later in the race with severe stomach cramps.

When I tried Gatorade’s low calorie G2, it was a god sent!  Finally an electrolyte drink that didn’t kill my stomach and cause cramps.  G2 has been a savior during training runs, but what do I do during marathons?  Its either drink the sugary Gatorade provided on the course or carry my own G2.  Both options suck.  :-(

Upon researching my options, I stumbled upon “e-Gel”.  Their website and third party reviews seemed convincing enough, so I ordered the variety pack.  Man am I glad I did!

What’s wrong with GU?

The biggest drawback of GU (and many other products out there) is the total lack of electrolytes and low amounts of sodium.  This means that you need to replenish lost electrolytes and sodium with a sports drink, like Gatorade.  However, they say not to take GU with anything other than water… so you figure that one out :-?

What about caffeine?

Caffeine is great for a quick “boost” (mental and/or physical), but it is a diuretic.  “This means that it causes your kidneys to produce more urine – thus promoting dehydration.”  I can’t stress enough how important proper hydration is to optimum performance, so caffeine seems counterproductive towards that goal.

OK fine GU stinks, but why go with e-Gel?

  • Electrolytes- e-Gel’s claim to fame is the inclusion of electrolytes (hence the “e”).  The biggest benefit (for me at least) is that consuming a gel with electrolytes means no more carrying around Gatorade!  During training I only have to carry water.  On race day it’s also just water, but I dont have to lug it around with me!  No more sugary drinks and stomach cramps!  Just water!  How nice is that?  :-)
  • Consistency - I was pleasantly surprised by the consistency of e-Gel.  The gel itself is a much thinner consistency than GU.  This made it much easier to “get down”.
  • Taste – All I can say is “yum”.  All four flavors are delicious, but Tropical Blast (think blue pixie stick) and Mountain Rush are my favorites.
  • No Risk – They even offer a Marathon PR Guarantee!  What have you got to lose?

What about all the other gels out there?

If you check out e-Gel’s website, they offer side-by-side comparisons to many of the popular alternatives out there.  I was pretty shocked by some of this info… especially the Clif SHOT Bloks, yikes!

I’m in!  How do I get e-Gel!?

You can find e-Gel in some running / cycling shops or order it directly from Crank Sports.  If you order online, please use referral number 391025 or just click here.  We both will get a little something out of the deal. 

I’m not sure how this product flew under my radar for so long, but I am glad I finally found something that works!

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4 Responses to Still using GU? Time to try e-Gel!

  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I’m a GU fan, but always open to trying something new. Just passed along your post to another runner friend, who has a hard time stomaching GU.

    • jsoldo says:

      Thanks Gabe! I’ve tried alot of gels (gu, cliff, powerbar, etc…) and just eating regular food / bars too, but the e-Gels are really working out well for me. I took two this morning on an 18 miler with no issues! I’m starting to really like “cherry bomb”. Yum! :-)

  2. Nice! Looking forward to trying them later this year once I get back into the long runs.

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