The Cure to Runner’s Blues? New Shoes!

New Shoes
Ahhhhh, that’s much better.

So as you may or may not know, I am exhausted and in a little bit of a runner’s slump.  However, the great thing about our sport is that one single “good” run can bring us right back!

I already discussed about how I am focusing on eating better and trying to get more sleep to help me through this rough patch, but I was kinda stuck at that.  I wasn’t sure what else I could do to boost my spirits.

Welp, sometimes the running God’s shine down upon us.  I have a re-occuring event in my Outlook calendar for every 5 months to check the mileage on my shoes to see if they need to be “retired”.  That reminder popped up yesterday morning!

So I headed over Garmin Connect and tallied up my mileage for my current Nike Vomero+ 4′s.  It turns out that I have around 650 miles on them!  Whoops!  That’s way past the recommended 500 mile limit.

Fortunatly, whenever Foot Locker has 20% coupons I buy a pair.  Even if I don’t currently need them, I like to stock up.  This saves me money in the long run as I am always buying shoes at a discount.  Plus, it’s not like I won’t eventually need em, right?  So in my stash I currently have two pairs of Nike Vomero+ 5′s (photos below).

The thought of strapping on new shoes and having a proverbial “fresh start” has really boosted my spirits.  I am really looking forward to tearing up some concrete this weekend!

The real question is: Red or Blue? :-)

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18 Responses to The Cure to Runner’s Blues? New Shoes!

  1. Debbie says:

    Yay! New shoes! I just did the same thing, popped over to Roadrunner Sports last week when I was in the San Diego area. Lucked into an earlier model Asics Kayano (my fave) for half the price of the current one AND saved $10 by buying a second pair. Woot! 2 for 1, basically. My feet (and my knees, and my hips) are thanking me.

    As for red or blue, why not pull them both out and alternate. It is supposed to make your shoes last longer as they get a chance to dry out and recover between runs (just like we do :-)

    I hope the new shoes help you get out of your slump.

    • jsoldo says:

      Hey Debbie!

      Welcome to RunningDummy! Thanks for stopping by :-)

      I’m glad Im not the only one who is hoarding running shoes ;-) Thats an awesome deal you got in San Diego.

      Good idea on the alternating pairs. I’ve read about it in the past, but it seems a little harder to track mileage then, no? So instead of retiring one pair at 500 miles, I would retire both at 1,000 miles? Does that make sense?


  2. Lisa says:

    i say red, you have never had red.

  3. Debbie says:

    When I first started running long distance, I kept track in my hand-written log. I would manually add up the shoe mileage with each entry. Each shoe had its own nickname so I could keep track. (nothing fancy, maybe Kayano 1 and Kayano 2 :-) ) I later switched to a Running Log app on my smartphone, which I could track “equipment” so it automatically kept the mileage up to date. I have not been able to find a similar program since I switched to an Android phone. I don’t know if Garmin Connect has a way to do something like that (or even the standard Garmin software).

    Sadly, these days I run a lot less. Well, maybe not sadly because I love that I’m riding my bike a lot more, but in any case, I don’t feel the need to track the mileage as closely as I used to.

    I think the way you suggested, 1000 miles then switch both, would work, as long as you generally split the weekly mileage pretty evenly.

    I feel like I’ve made this sound much more complicated than it really is. But it still is a good idea to switch shoes.

    Yes, I am a shoe hoarder. I’ve had times, when I found a really good deal, that I would have up to four pairs “in waiting.” It’s like bringing out a gift for yourself when you open the box.

  4. Debbie says:

    BTW, I was looking at Garmin Connect (thanks for that link, I’m going to try it). I’m at work, so I can’t really get started, but I notice there is a selection on reports for “Fitness Equipment.” Maybe that can be used to track mileage?

  5. beth says:

    I like the blue, but it seems like most running shoes are blue, so go for red!!

  6. Beth says:

    I am headed to my local running store tomorrow to see if they can help me…..I am having quite the blister problem. I have never had a problem with blisters before and I was not getting them when I got my sneakers in March. I don’t remember when they started but it seems like I pop them and then I get new ones on my next run and they hurt! A cheaper solutions could be socks which they should be able to help me with. Wish me luck!

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