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for you right away.

I am not an elite athlete.  Far from it.  Very far from it, in fact.  One of the major drawbacks of being a “hobbyist” runner is that sometimes life takes precedence over your training.

To say the past few weeks have been brutal would be an understatement.  Between family obligations and working 65+ hour weeks, my training has taken a major step backwards.  I wouldn’t say that I am “overtraining”.  I think “overworking” would be a better description of the situation. 

Mind you, I haven’t missed any runs but the quality of them has been declining.  Me legs feel heavy and my confidence is pretty much shot :-(

There is still plenty of time before my next half and full marathon to pull it together, but right now is definitely a low point.  I know training goes it cycles… I am just hoping a good run comes along sooner than later to boost my spirits. 

The past few weeks I had long runs of 16 and 17 miles and they went “no-so-good”.  So, I am hoping this upcoming “stepback” weekend in my schedule (9 Miles Saturday, 12 Miles Sunday) helps get me back on track. 

Aside from that, I from that I am going to focus (even more so than usual) on my sleep and eating habits as both have slipped a little during the chaos of the past weeks.

Another other suggestions would be much appreciated :-)

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2 Responses to Exhausted

  1. Beth says:

    Jon, totally know what you mean!! My training has been non existent this week because of the extreme heat we have been having here in New Hampshire…it has been so hot that we have schools canceling school for the day! By the time I get home from work it is just too hot too run and i don’t have enough time in the early morning before I have to get myself and my kids ready for the day. So at least you have been getting in some runs…even though you feel the quality is not there. I think it sounds great that you are going to focus on sleeping and eating habits! I bet you will notice a difference in your runs once you get that in check…I need to do that too!
    Here’s to hoping for a great run for you soon!!! It will come…..

    • jsoldo says:

      Beth, I am in NY and we are experiencing the same aweful weather >:-( But wow, I have never heard of a school closing due to heat! Just hearing that fellow runners are going through the same stuff is a big boost! :-) I’ll be sure to post WHEN I have my next good run :-)

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