Faster = Easier? Am I Running Too Slow?

After having some of the more experienced members in my running club look over my training routine for this last marathon, here is the conclusion… they think I’m running to slow.  I agree Laughing

Sounds stupid, but they actually have pretty good reasoning behind it.  There two main points being:

  • The guy running the 4 hour marathon is working harder than the guy running a 3 hour marathon.  This seems counterintuitive, but the simple fact is… its 60 minutes more of cardio.  Granted, the guy running a 3 hour marathon is running a faster pace and working harder, but probably not more than running an extra hour or so.
  • Biomechanically, for my age (28), height (5’9”), and weight (140) they seem to think I am wasting more energy going slower than running my “nature pace”.  They keep telling me holding back and modifying my stride to go slower is wasting alot of energy.  In fact, I ran 8 miles with them at an 8:00 pace and I’ve got to say… it felt pretty comfortable.  I haven’t run faster than my marathon goal pace (8:55) in 5+ months, and I was able to bang out 8 miles no problem at that speed.  That was a very good sign to them.

So there it is.  RUN FASTER! Tongue out

I am working on my training schedule, but they are telling me I should safetly shoot for a 3:30 (8:00 pace) for the New York City marathon in November.  Some even think try to qualify for Boston (3:10 marathon / 7:14 pace) is do-able.  They have seen people my age take an hour+ of their PR’s in a single marathon.  I trust these guys, so it should be a very interesting summer!

I’m still not sure what I’m going to shoot for, but I’ll post my training schedule once I finalize it.


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2 Responses to Faster = Easier? Am I Running Too Slow?

  1. jsoldo says:

    I’ll get more into this in my next few posts, but its a matter of mechanics. In theory, I was using more energy fighting my natural form and going slow. I was running like a Lion, not a Cheetah! :)

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