Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives

So this isn’t going to be a “running” specific post (sorry), but I feel it’s important enough to share.  Even if only one person adopts some of the ideas here, then it’s totally worth it to me.

The movie Forks Over Knives has been around for a couple of years and has a huge cult following.  No joke, it’s the type movie that will change your life and how you think about “health”.

I was lucky enough to spot this dvd at a local Best Buy.  I love documentaries and it looked interesting so I bought it.  That was over six months ago and I haven’t eaten a single piece of meat since.

Yeah… it’s that convincing.

I want to be clear though.  This isn’t a gross “look at how cows are slaughtered” type of movie.  The film simply tells the stories of people with serious health problems and how medical doctors have helped reverse / eliminate them through diet alone.

In an age where most people are looking for a “quick fix”, medication and surgery are the first line of defense for almost any ailment.  This movie challenges that mindset and shows that through a plant based, whole foods diet you can basically cure (yes cure) most medical conditions.

Please have a quick look at the trailer:

Interesting enough, right?  Aren’t you compelled (even just a little) to find out more?  If so, please buy it on Amazon, stream it on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, whatever.  Just watch it!  And if you enjoy it, I also highly recommend Food, Inc..

Look, I’m not telling everyone to go out and become a fully fledged vegetarian (or vegan), but maybe you’d be willing to start with Meatless Mondays?

What’s the point of all this running if we fill our bodies with garbage at the dinner table?  :-)

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  1. Hurray for you! I was already vegan when I saw Forks Over Knives, but I know that it’s a life changer for many. I’m in it for the animals, but am happy with all the health benefits that go along with skipping the meat.

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