GU Energy Gel, On The Run!

So after 2 weeks ago’s Gatorade Debacle, I experimented with some new things on this morning’s 14 mile run.

Since I have been tapering down for the Hamptons Marathon… I haven’t been on a long enough run to test out my new Fuel Belt Helium 4.  However, I used my Fuel Belt Palm Holder this morning, and its great!  You almost forget you are wearing it.  It basically feels like an extension of your arm.  Having only water was awesome.  Like I’ve said before, the sugary Gatorade was causing me to cramp alot and I had NO issues with just water.

The other new thing I tried was slowing down to take my GU at miles 6 and 11.  Normally I take the GU at full speed without even slowing down.  I started to notice that choking down these GUs just wasn’t a good idea and probably adding to my cramps.  I mean… I don’t eat any other meals when running full speed Tongue out  So when it was time to take the GU, I slowed to a fast walk, took the GU and drank a little water (NOT GATORADE).  Then I slowly went from a slow jog back to normal running speed.  The whole process maybe costs me an extra 45 to 60 seconds for that mile.  But so what?  I didn’t have ANY cramping Laughing  Cramps cost way more time!

So taking GU slowly and with water (as indicated on the package) made a BIG improvement.

Hamptons Marathon here I come!

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