Guess who's back!

Hey Evenyone!

I know, I know.  I havent been posting alot recently.  But as you can tell from my February Garmin Training Log… My winter has pretty much consistented of working and being on a treadmill at Planet Fitness. Wink

OK, so Planet Fitness is the first thing I want to tell you about.  It’s AWESOME!  My local branch is $1 to join, $10 per month, and NO contract.  That’s it!  This truely is the perfect solution for runners during the winter.  However, at that price I’ll probably keep my membership all year just in case there is bad weather.  So yeah, I highly recommend Planet Fitness.  See if there is one in your area and check it out.

Next, I wanted to tell you about running clubs.  I had no idea these even existed  Embarassed  A local runner told me that alot of communities have them… so I hit the web to find out.  Turns out about 5 neighboring towns did indeed have running clubs!  Anyway, I wound up joining The Northport Running Club and it has been an awesome experience.  There are tons of people in the club with great knowlege that they are willing to share with you.  They have scheduled / organized workouts which is a really great motivator!  I would definitly see if there are available clubs to join in your area.  Check the web, newspapers, or local running shop to find out.

Lastly, I wanted to let you know how my training is going.  Welp… I am doing the Long Island Marathon again on May 2nd.  I am still wearing my heart rate monitor and keeping on eye on it when I run, however, I have switched back from running to a target heart rate, to running to a target pace again.  Running to target heart rate might very well work for some, however, it just wasnt for me.  Also, its very difficult to practice this if you are looking to achieve certain times.  The only way I know how to run a 4 hour marathon is to run a 9:09 pace…  you know?

So with the abandonment of heart rate training (I took some great info from it)… I have been using one of Hal Hidgon‘s marathon training guides.  Specifically the Intermediate II program.  I am showing great progress and really responding well to this schedule.  I am not feeling run down or soar (for the most part) and still progressing in my times.  I will get more into this program in my next post, but that’s all for now.

Please let the warm weather come back soon!


Tongue out

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  1. jsoldo says:

    Congrats Yoong! Nice improvement on the time! What’s you goal for June?

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