Hal Higdon is a Genius!

OK, so I never thought I say this, but this morning’s 19 miler felt (gulp) easy…

As I briefly touched on in my previous post, I am currently training for the Long Island Marathon using Hal Higdon’s Intermediate II program.  Being roughly halfway though the program, I can definitly say that I am responding very well to this schedule. 

Mileage wise, its about the same amount of weekly miles I was doing in my previous training programs, but they are distributed across the week differently.  For example, I previous 50 mile week would consist of 6 6-Milers and a long 14-miler.  I was running 7 days a week and alot of my runs were the same distance (usually 6 miles).  Now look at Week 11 of Hal’s program…

  • Monday: Cross train (or off)
  • Tuesday: 5 Miler
  • Wednesday: 10 Miler
  • Thursday: 5 Miler
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: 10 Miler (pace)
  • Sunday: 20 Miler (easy)

Ok, now these are done at varying paces based on the week, but there are 2 things I really like.  1) The varying distances.  This allows my to run hard and fast on shorter runs if I feel up to it and lets me work of pacing on the longer ones.  2)  The weekends are “stacked”.  Meaning a “semi-long” run at marathon pace on Saturday and then right back to an LSD (long slow distance) run on Sunday.  Previously, I was running a MAX on 4 miles on Saturday in preparation for my long Sunday runs.  Turns out I was being overly cautious and not getting the maximum benefits of my training.

So in summary… Hal Higdon is a genius.  Check out his programs and find one that works for you.  He offers plans for every distance and skill level!

“Locked and loaded for a 19 miler” Tongue out

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2 Responses to Hal Higdon is a Genius!

  1. Mike says:

    Is that the reflection from the camera flash or were you doing your Tron impression when you ran? :P

  2. jsoldo says:

    Haha, thats the "super reflective" surface of the Fuel Belt! This way cars can see me when they throw stuff at me :(

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