Hamptons Marathon… Only 30 Days Away!

Last week was a tough week mentally.  It was extremely humid (90%+) almost everyday and I was struggling on most of my runs.  I was having a hard time running 8 miles and starting to think I wasn’t ready for the marathon.  However, this past Sunday the humidity finally broke a little and its turns out my training has been working.

I ran my fastest 10 miles on Sunday and had a great 6 miler yesterday.  I have a light week because I am running 23 this coming Sunday.  That will be my last long run before the marathon and I intend to run it at race pace.

I will let you know how it goesTongue out

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3 Responses to Hamptons Marathon… Only 30 Days Away!

  1. Mike says:

    How did the 23 go this weekend? Today was awesome weather for running. I hope it’s the same tomorrow because I’m going to try again and see how my leg holds up.

  2. jsoldo says:

    Not great, but I will be blogging about it today. No run is ever "bad" if you learn something from it :)

  3. jsoldo says:

    How did your run go? I hope you didnt push it.

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