I’m Glad I’m Not Crazy

Ok so here are the headlines for today:

Long Island marathoners battled unusually high temperatures‎

With temperatures close to 88 degrees made the marathon a tuffer than usual challenge.

Spring marathons are ideal for those who like to train in cold or cooler weather conditions in the northeast. Unfortunately, a majority of marathon participants did not anticipate summer like temperatures during training

Heat, humidity make LI Marathon a rough road to travel

The 6,500 registered marathon and half-marathon racers faced a heat index that topped out around 88 degrees, race officials said, and made for a busy day at the race’s medical tent.

While the high heat and humidity were less than ideal for any marathon, the conditions were especially troubling because of the dramatic jump in temperature compared to recent weeks, Fryman said. Most of the racers had been training in cool weather, he said, adding that hot weather requires runners to drink more water.

“People have been training in the winter. They are not prepared,” Fryman said.

This makes me feel a little better.

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