Interview – Joseph Gray

Joseph Gray Wins The 50K
Joseph Gray Wins The 50K

My last road race was the Caumsett Park 50K and 25K Races.  This event served as the 2012 USA 50 km Road Championships and USATF Long Island Association 25 km Championships.  This is a big event and athletes come from all over the county to compete for the national title.

I am currently in the middle of marathon training, so I simply used the 25K (15.53 miles) as a training run.  I wasn’t “racing” per se.  Although, I did mange to take second place in my age group!  :-)

After the race, I was warming up in the tent and starting chatting with a guy named Joseph.  After speaking with him for a while, I found out he was the winner of the 50K (that’s 31.07 miles!) and that he ran it at a 5:41 pace!  Also, this was his 4th national championship!

After learning what a skilled runner he is, I had many questions about training, nutrition, pacing, sponsorship, etc… Joseph is a really nice guy and was kind enough to agree to an interview for Running Dummy.  So without further ado, here is my conversation with Joseph Gray:

I would also like to mention Joseph’s sponsor, Scott Sports.  He won the Caumsett 50K wearing a pair of their “Race Rockers” and was kind enough to hook me up with a pair!  So a review of their shoes is upcoming here on Running Dummy!

Big thanks again to Joseph Gray and congratulations to him on his 4th national title! Also, be sure to follow Joseph on Twitter (@joegeezi).

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