LSD for 19 Miles!

So this morning I did some awesome LSD.  Long Slow Distance running that is Wink,runs,616961134,runID,806118474

This mornings 19 miler was my longest run since my last marathon in May.  I was a little worry about the distance, but it went great.  I picked a rather hilly course as well so that accounts for the dips in pace.  But I felt strong the entire run and finished feeling really good.  My goal of 4 hours for the Hamptons Marathon is starting to seem within reach!

My Garmin 305 did an awesome job of making sure I wasn’t working any harder than 80% Max Heart Rate and I think that accounts for my strong finish.  I am really digging this whole heart rate monitoring.

As as promised, here is me in my newest t-shirt Tongue out


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5 Responses to LSD for 19 Miles!

  1. Mike says:

    Glad to see one of us is still able to run. I fucked up my leg again on Weds so I’m out of commission for the next week or 2. I like the shirt though.

  2. sam says:

    yeah bro but whats up with the moustache party? I mean the first one was touted first annual moustache party.. wtf is up with tthat? holly wants to know why there was a first annual with no second party the following year. this is bs shennanigans and i won’t stand for this. I now refuse to shave my upper lip until you have another party. if you don’t comply i’m going to have to buy some cheesy 70′s clothing and start doing finger guns all the time. maybe even while wearing a cowboy hat. get with the program you running dummy !

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