Man Its Humid Out!

I swear, running is like a friend who always owes you money, but pays you back in beer.  Slightly annoying, but you really can’t complain Tongue out

So after running a strong 19 on Sunday and a good 6 yesterday… bam!  My legs were cement on my 8 miler this morning.  I really struggled.  But I am blaming it on the humidity (90% during my run).  I’m off tomorrow, so I plan on crushing my next 6 on Friday!

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2 Responses to Man Its Humid Out!

  1. Jim Stevenson says:

    I ran 6 this morning and I think my clothes were about 2 lbs heavier by the time I finished…

  2. jsoldo says:

    I actually weighed my clothes last week and they were 4 lbs after my run! :( Pretty gross.

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