Nike+ Black Level – Featuring Carl Lewis!

Carl Lewis congratulates me on running 5,000K

After this morning’s 5 mile recovery run, I was met with a nice little surprise.  Once my Nike+ Sportband completed syncing… a video window popup up!  And it was none other than Carl Lewis!! 

Carl let me know, “You’ve made it to black.  Gravity’s got nothing on you.”  :-)  

Check out the video here

I also had a message that read, “Well, you’ve done it. You’ve blown our minds. Congratulations. 5,000 km (3,107 miles) is our highest honor. Relish it.”  :-)   Turns out that’s enough miles to get me from New York to California!  Sweet!

The Legendary Black Level!

The only real difference, as far as my Nike+ dashboard is concerned, is that everything changed colors from a lame purple (previous level) to a cool black.  Check out the picture on right!

True, there will be no ticker-tape parade, award ceremony, or giant cash prize… but this was a nice confidence booster so close to the New York City Marathon.  I am more excited than I have ever been for a marathon!  WATCH OUT NYC!!  ;-)

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13 Responses to Nike+ Black Level – Featuring Carl Lewis!

  1. Manos says:

    Nice job ! How is it now as a black member in nikeplus ? I will be a black member as well, perhaps tomorrow (or today if i manage to do 18km in one day :) ).

  2. Manos says:

    lol i figured…
    how long did it take u to get there?
    For me it was 2 and 1/2 years! although i have lost many many kms due to bugs of older versions of ipods. I remember many times after my 10k that the ipod went dead for a couple of secs and the training data were erased…

    • jsoldo says:

      It took me about the same time. 2-3 years. I average around 40 or so miles a week, so yeah. I too have lost runs due to faulty Nike hanrdware / software :-( That totally sucks, expecially on 20+ mile runs!

  3. Manos says:

    Nice job :) I became black as well :) Feels great LOL

  4. Manos says:

    NO!!! :(
    I was so prepared for the whole thing…
    I even had opened a video camera to rec the whole welcome thing but something must have went wrong.A bug i guess…? Even though my last kms for the 5000km were synced, it was still purple…So while i was holding the camera, i freaked out :) I closed it and tried to see what went wrong. The last training was at the sync file of the ipod…but the sum was less than 5000, so i logged out and logged in again!And then everything went back to normal.
    That was unfortunate. 2+ years to get here and all of a sudden it didn’t work. LOL
    I am just happy everything is black though :) It’s freaking awesome :) ! I have seen the video on the net, so i guess i didn’t lose that much ! :)

    • jsoldo says:

      Thats a bummer to hear :-( I just wish Nike would make a t-shirt for the black level… I love my 500 mile and 1000 mile club shirts!

  5. Manos says:

    there are t shirts for that?! lol! I didn’t know that…

    hey mate, I saw in your blog that you are using the nikeplus watch… Is it worth it? GPS sensor imo is not that accurate even if you calibrate it(i am using ipod touch sometimes although ipod nano is my best friend :P )… especially when you are walking. Or running fast. On the other hand, regular sensors can be “coached” (or calibrated if you will) to your type of running so they can actually miss almost nothing- i have done several 10k at the same pace on treadmile and my sensor lost only 20 m ! :)

  6. jsoldo says:

    Yeah there are shirts! (500 and 1,000),pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-178906/pgid-178906&re=US&co=US&la=EN#l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-178906/pgid-178906

    I use the Nike+ Sportband (no GPS). I haven’t upgraded (yet). But I also use my Garmin 405 GPS watch which is 99.99% accurate. I rely heavily on that for my data, but love the Nike+ online community, so I current wear both when I run ;-)

  7. Manos says:

    Hey mate,
    something serious now…
    Are you currently-today- experiencing any problems with your account? The weirdest thing just happened. I was syncing my data and all of a sudden my total became LESS than 5000km. In fact it went back to 4760km :S:S and the “funny” part is that everything is still black :S:S:S

    Is everything ok with your account today? I sent them an email with print screens of both my black account (with more than 5000) and the today’s account …
    I hope it is something that can be fixed. I don’t get it…

    Oh and it seems that nothing has been deleted from my data because i quickly saw my totals per year and they are still ok !! :S

    • jsoldo says:

      Hey Manos,

      I wasnt in my account on the day in question, but everything appears to be OK now. Did everything go back to normal for you as well? Hopefully, yes :-)


  8. Manos says:

    No for some reason its 200km less. I sent them print screens of both (fortunately i had a prt scn when i turned into black) and one print screen with the weird 4780km BUT IN BLACK. They replied that this is very weird, they asked me for permition to reset my pass and get into my account, i told them ok, but till now nothing has happened. I hope they will fix it :S :(

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