Nike+ SportWatch GPS Unboxing

Nike+ SportWatch GPS

What a great way to kick off the summer!  For my 30th birthday (Yeah, I’m officially old.  It sucks.  Don’t get me started…) my wife got me the new Nike+ SportWatch GPS:-)

The short and sweet of it is… this thing rocks!  You can check the link above for all the details / features on the watch, but bottom line: go buy one!  Especially if you’re an avid Nike+ user (like me) and currently don’t own a GPS watch. 

Starting with the packaging, the only word I can use to describe it is “slick”.  I mean c’mon it’s Nike.  What else would you expect?  This “slickness” carries straight through from the packaging to the watch itself.

The watch’s display is large, crisp, and easy to read.  It’s back lit too!  Navigating the menus is intuitive and very responsive.  Locating satellites is fast and accurate.  The build quality seems solid as well.  Overall this is a great watch!

It’s so great to finally be able to participate in the Nike+ online community with the accuracy of a GPS watch!

All the unboxing pictures are below, enjoy!

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4 Responses to Nike+ SportWatch GPS Unboxing

  1. beth says:

    Very nice!!! Hope you enjoy your new toy! I wish they made a smaller version for women……I have a small wrist so this watch would be huge in me I think! I think I would miss my nike+ sportband too much ;)
    My birthday is coming up next month…I am not going to say how old I am going to be…I think I am going to ask for a pair of Nike Free sneakers!

  2. Connor says:

    The watch would probably fit your wrist well. I am a very short and skinny 13 year old, and still have a few notches left.

    • jsoldo says:

      The watch is indeed a bit bulky, but it has a cool look to it. I am a smaller guy too (5’9” / 140 pounds) and it fits me pretty well and looks cool! :-)

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