Ocean Drive Marathon

Are those birds running in Nikes?

This is a post I wasn’t sure I was going to write.  Honestly, I just wanted to pretend this race never happened and move on with my life.

But then I remembered reading an article a while ago about embracing  your failures.  I re-read the post and it completely changed my mindset.

 “You should be proud of your failure.  Own it, admit it, brag about it.  Why? Because the fact that you “failed” means you attempted something where you could fail.”

So here we go…

  1. Yes, I ran the Ocean Drive Marathon this past Sunday. 
  2. Yes, my finishing time was 4:56:12. 
  3. And yes, that is my worst marathon to date.

(huge sigh of relief)

So there it is.  All of it.  My latest “failure”.  Honestly, the details themselves aren’t important (if you’re interested, they’re in my Garmin Data).  The bottom line is that I tried to achieve something difficult and didn’t get it (this time).  This doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying and eventually I know I’ll achieve my goals.

So what’s next for Running Dummy?

The plan for the summer is to reduce the weekly mileage and run the New York State Parks Summer Run Series.  The Summer Series consists of 8 races (each at a different state park) ranging in distance from 5k to 10k.  It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Racing (and training for) these shorter distances will be a great way to shake things up and keep it exciting.  It will also be a much needed break for my tired body.

I’m going to learn how to run “fast”, then slowly work my mileage base back up at these faster paces.  I’ll definitly get back to the marathon, but for the next few months… it’s all about short and fast!  :-)

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2 Responses to Ocean Drive Marathon

  1. Good idea to be proud of a race that might not be your best. Remember, more people will never even attempt a marathon than those of us who finish them. Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all… besides, I wouldn’t call finishing a failure. :) I know it’s frustrating not hitting your goal (I’ve been there) and it feels like failure, but it’s really not.

    So keep it up! Taking a step back and focusing on shorter distances and speed is a good idea. It helps.

    • jsoldo says:

      Thanks Gabe! Finishing is always the silver lining, but it is disappointing. I’m looking forward to setting some PR’s this summer and maybe placing in my age group at least once :-)

      I’ve been doing 5k workouts and forgot how much fun it is to run fast!

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