Ocean to Sound 50 Mile Relay

The Running Dummies!

The Running Dummies!

I recently had the opportunity to run with and sponsor a relay team. The Running Dummies were born… check out the shirts! :-)

The Ocean to Sound 50 Mile Relay is a popular local race and I jumped at the change to be a part of it.

The competition in this event can be quite tough. The first place team ran a 5:35 pace for 50 miles! However, there are a lot of teams that just have fun with it (wear costumes, decorate the support vehicles, etc…).

The two coolest teams (for me anyway) were the Wizard of Oz team (Dorothy, Witch, Tin Man, Lion, and so on…) and the Tetris Pieces team. Yes, an entire team running 50 miles dressed as Tetris Blocks (videos below).

We eventaully caught Dorothy during Leg 5, but the Tetris pieces beat us by almost an hour! :-(

Although we ran this race purely for fun… I am quite pleased with the Running Dummies coming in 56th place out of 125 teams and posting a total time of 7:09:36. The Online Results show that we also did reasonably well within certain individual legs also.

For those interested, you can view my Garmin Data for the infamously difficult Leg 7. Check out those elevations! I had a 256 foot climb within less than a mile! Ouch! :-)

There is not much else to say other than enjoy the pictures and videos below! And next year… Tetris Pieces… we’re coming for you!

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4 Responses to Ocean to Sound 50 Mile Relay

  1. Jim Stevenson says:

    8:17 is a very respectable time for leg 7, nice job. It is a hard leg for sure.

  2. Ron Curry says:

    I’m not sure if GLIRC would be too pleased, but I’m pretty sure I could get a second team for next year…….I dunno?.?.? RC, JS, JS, KC, KC, and the fast B- brothers….just sayin….two teams in the top 50. Hansen watch out!!!

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