Peaks and Valleys

It's a metaphor...

This weekend was a huge reminder that we all go through peaks and valleys as runners.  I guess as human beings too, right?  Fortunately, my low points have been few and far between.  However, I guess that leaves me ill-equipped in dealing with them.

Last week, was a total mess and then yesterday I go out and set  a training PR.  So when I laced up this morning for an “easy” 12-miler I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The weather here in New York was amazing for the second day straight.  A cool 66 degrees with little humidity.  Perfect running weather!  So I started my first mile clear headed and optimistic.  Again, today’s run was supposed to be an “easy” recovery run from yesterday’s 9 mile marathon pace run.  According to Jack Daniels, my easy (E) pace is 8:52.  So my goal was to just be in that neighborhood and enjoy the run.

If you check out my Garmin Connect data for the run you’ll see that I did just that until about mile 8 or so.  Then I decided my legs felt great and I was going to turn this into a “3/1″ run.  The basic idea is to run 3 quarters of the run at an easy pace and try to smoke the last quarter of the distance.  Finishing with a 8:18, 8:13, and 7:25… I feel it was mission accomplished ;-)

I am officially declaring this the end of my valley and the beginning of a peak.  A peak that I can hopefully ride straight through the New York City Marathon on November 7th.  :-)

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