Roll Recovery R8 – Unboxing

Roll Recovery R8

Roll Recovery R8

Well look what was waiting for me on my door step after a 3 mile tempo run!  That’s right, the Roll Recovery R8.  I’ve been hearing good things about it online, so I ordered one up!

I quickly showered and took unboxing pictures (for you dummies) and then tried it out.  All I can say is “wow”.  This thing works as advertised.  I could feel the R8 hitting the right spots immediately and my legs felt much better than normal the next day.

Why It’s Awesome

  • Painful at first, but eventually makes your legs feel great (think sports massage)
  • Increased blood flow and reduces recovery time on quads, hamstrings, IT-bands, gluteus, calfs, shins, hip-flexors and more
  • Extremely well-built (reinforced Zytel thermoplastic, stainless steel, and aluminum)
  • Much easier to use than the standard foam roller
  • Comes with a cool travel bag

The only thing that’s not so awesome is the price tag of $119 (includes free shipping).  However, that’s about the price of a good massage, so it definitely pays for itself over time.  Plus, you can’t put a price on fresh feeling legs, can you? :-)

For information checkout and enjoy the unboxing pictures below:


Has anyone else out there purchased an R8? What are your thoughts?

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