Running Dummy 2.0

WordPressHello all and welcome to Running Dummy 2.0!

As you can tell the site has been completely redesigned, both graphically and functionally.  The new site includes social network integration, tag clouds, popular posts, product info, links, photo albums, and much much more.  This is all backed by the power of WordPress.

Hopefully you enjoy the new layout and find the site much easier to navigate.  Please let me know what you think in the comments section.  Thanks!  :-)

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4 Responses to Running Dummy 2.0

  1. Mike says:

    Pretty slick. Do we still get the alien pictures?

  2. jsoldo says:

    Haha, I forgot to implement that. All setup now, check out the green guy next to your name :-)

  3. Mike says:

    Nice. It’s like he had too much coffee.

  4. jsoldo says:

    Maybe not enough…

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