Saucony Kinvara

Warning! Do look directly at the shoes!

As you know, I love my Vibram Five Fingers.  They’re light, fast and fun!  But being a marathoner, I put in a lot of miles and need something with more cushioning for the bulk of my training.

My Nike Vomeros have been my default “go to” shoe for years now.  I love the plush ride and zero break in time.  However, I was always concerned that by running in a “heavier shoe” I was sacrificing performance.  The last thing I want is my shoes weighing me down, right?

So I did some research online and then headed to Super Runners Shop.  Man, do I love that store…  In fact, most visits end with my wife having to drag me out the door so we can finally leave!

Anyway, after speaking with the wonderful staff there, I decided on the Saucony Kinvara.  I had read about them online and they were marketed as a “minimalist” shoe (similar to the Vibrams).  So I was a little weary about trying them out, but man am I glad I did!

These things have plenty of cushioning and are super light!  It’s like a Vibrams and Vomeros made sweet love and gave birth to a pair beautifulyl fluorescent orange twins!  8-O

So far, short runs have been awesome in them.  I’ll report back on how these hold up over high mileage too.  But at the moment, I am totally jazzed about these shoes!

These come in a ton of colors, but I immediately decided on “Viz/Bright Orange”.  :-P

Enjoy the images below!

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8 Responses to Saucony Kinvara

  1. I love the Kinvara, too – light and fast – but my problem with it is that it didn’t last very long for me. Last summer I only got 37 runs and 196.6 miles out of the pair. I’d be curious to hear how long yours last for you.

    I now run in the Newton Neutral Performance Racer and LOVE it. It’s also very light and encourages natural running form. I got 358 miles out of my last pair. Newton is more expensive than most shoes, but worth it to avoid injury, feel good, and get more miles than I do out of any other pair.

    • jsoldo says:

      Thanks for the tip Gabe! I’ll checkout the Newtons if these don’t last long enough. What exactly didnt last on the Kinvaras? Ripping? Padding? Sole?

      How is the padding on the Newtons? I’d like some padding, as opposed to the Vibrams, while still having a light shoe.

      • No problem, Jon! And yup, great padding on the Newtons – it’s all about the actuator lugs. They’re just where you need them to be for natural / forefoot/ midfoot running, which you’re probably used to doing with the Vibrams.

        I supinate and really favor the outer edge of my right foot, so whenever I wear out a pair shoes, it’s the that spot on the outsole that takes most of the wear.

        Check it out – with nearly exactly same number of miles on them:

        Retired Kinvaras (196 miles): shot 1 | shot 2

        Active Newtons (193 miles – still lots of miles left): shot 1 | shot 2

        • jsoldo says:

          Wow, you arent kidding about favoring the outer edge on the right foot!

          I’m a pretty quiet and light on my feet runner, so we’ll see how these hold up. But if they dont, I’ll def. check out the Newtons.

          Thanks again for the tip!

          • Heh heh. Yup, trying to run more toward the middle, but it’s tough to break what happens naturally!

            Cool that you’re light with your strikes.

            • jsoldo says:

              I didnt always have a nice stride. I worked on it. If your looking to improve your form, check out “Chi Running”. Its on the Books page.

              I read that and took a workshop too. I got alot of great advice on neutral running and being soft on the feet. All that means less injury too! :-)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve heard good things about Chi Running, and although I do have a pretty natural form to begin with (midfoot/forefoot strike), I’m sure I could benefit from learning more… just put in my hold request for the book at my library. :)

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