Scott Racer Rocker – Unboxing

Scott Racer Rocker

Well look what just arrived in the mail today!  :-)

Our past guest, Joseph Gray, was kind enough to hook me up with a pair Scott Race Rockers.  These are the same shoes he used to win his 4th national championship!

Joseph ran 50K (31.07 miles) in these at a blistering 5:41 pace for the win!  So maybe these will speed me up a bit!

This is just a simple unboxing and a full review will be coming, but here are my initial thoughts:

  • Man these things are light!
  • The construction of the shoe is excellent.
  • The color scheme is “dope”.
  • The treads on the bottom look like they would help a lot.

Thanks again to Joseph Gray and his sponsor, Scott Sports!

That’s all for now until the formal review, so enjoy the pictures!

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2 Responses to Scott Racer Rocker – Unboxing

  1. Roy says:

    I’ve been looking for a review on these shoes as I am so close to ordering them. Usually I have to try them on first, but where I’m from (Canada), its impossible to find. I run primarily low to the ground and prefer a 4-8 mm heel drop. Hate to use the term minimal because everyone has there own definition of it. Currently running in La Sportiva X-Country for trails, Brooks Green Silence for road.

    Thanks for posting pictures because I was curious of the midsole construction. It looks like no medial posting and a minimal arch support–if it is, that is my preference. Interested in the rocker design as it might help with fatigue over the long haul, and the wide forefoot to accommodate my wide feet. Have you needed to go half a size up compared to your usual sizing?

    • jsoldo says:

      I am glad you found the pictures helpful! So far I am really enjoying these shoes and would recommend them.

      As far as sizing, I just went a 1/2 small from my casual shoes, like I normally do with running shoes… Here is what Scott has to say about it:

      - Most Scott Running shoes fit similarly to other athletic brands (typically a ½ size shorter than street shoes.)
      – T2C. This model fits one full size shorter than street shoes (1/2 shorter than other Scott Running models.)

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