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I’m Glad I’m Not Crazy

Tweet Ok so here are the headlines for today: Long Island marathoners battled unusually high temperatures‎ With temperatures close to 88 degrees made the marathon a tuffer than usual challenge. Spring marathons are ideal for those who like to train … Continue reading

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Hamptons Marathon… Only 30 Days Away!

Tweet Last week was a tough week mentally.  It was extremely humid (90%+) almost everyday and I was struggling on most of my runs.  I was having a hard time running 8 miles and starting to think I wasn’t ready for the … Continue reading


Man Its Humid Out!

Tweet I swear, running is like a friend who always owes you money, but pays you back in beer.  Slightly annoying, but you really can’t complain So after running a strong 19 on Sunday and a good 6 yesterday… bam!  … Continue reading


Feeling Lighter

Tweet Gave blood this morning then went out for a 4 miler in 80 degree sun Bad idea?

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Man Its Hot Out!

Tweet Been struggling with my last few runs.  I don’t remember sweating this much last summer    I guess I’m still getting used to the warmer weather. Not a bad run this morning though: http://nikerunning.nike.com/nikeplus/?l=runners,runs,616961134,runID,68166356

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