Wireless Headphones for Treadmills

Wireless Digital Audio Device

It’s treadmill season here in The Northeast.  That means many hours spent indoors, running in place, in front of a television.  :-(

The problem is that the TV volume has to be loud enough to hear over the treadmill noise.  Unfortunately, that is usually too loud for everyone else in the house.  Especially if you run early in the morning or late at night!

The best solution is wireless headphones, but the problem with most wireless headphones is that they aren’t designed for sports / running.  They won’t stay in place and can’t handle all the sweat.

When running outside I use the Sony MDR-AS20J Active Style Headphones and they are awesome!  So I wanted to find a something that could receive audio wirelessly from my TV and I could mount to the treadmill.  Then just plug in my existing headphones at the treadmill and I’m all set.  Similar to how most gym treadmills are hooked up to their televisions.

After some research, I stumbled upon the Aerielle i2i Wireless Digital Audio Device.  It was exactly what I was looking for!  This very eloquent solution comes with two very small devices (check out the pictures on Amazon).  One gets hooked up at the TV and the other one gets mounted on the treadmill.  Then I just plug in my headphones.  Done!

The system is extremely flexible and can be used in many different applications.  I am actually thinking about getting another set to wirelessly stream Pandora from my computer to outdoor speakers in the backyard.  Oh the possibilities!

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  1. Johnnyk8runner says:

    I have been using bluetooth headsets for 4 years. I use rocketfish bt headset. It’s funny looking but tough and reliable.

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