Yasso 800's

One more aspect of my New York City training I feel the need to explain before posting it… the Yasso 800.

Ok.  So here is the deal.  The Yasso 800, named after the Runners World editor who invented it, is a workout that has gained alot of popularity over the last few years.  Although there is really no math or science behind it… the idea it simple and generally respected.  The pace at which you can run ten 800 meter repeats (800 meters = 2 laps around a track) can very closely predict your marathon time.

For example, doing your 800 meter repeats at 3:10 minutes / 800 meters (recovery jog for 3:10 minutes)…  then your predicted marathon time is 3 hours and 10 minutes.  Running the 800 meter repeats at 4:00 minutes would yield you a 4 hour marathon time.  Simple enough right?

The idea is to start with 4 800 meter repeats a few months out from the marathon and add another repeat every week.  The goal is to peak at 10 repeats just 3 or 4 weeks away from the marathon.

For a more detailed explanation, please visit Runner’s World for the complete write up.

Next post will be my NYC training plan, stay tuned!

Tongue out

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